All About Speed Training Hurdles

Endurance and flexibility are the two most important aspects of fitness training. The latter can be improved with the best speed learning barriers. Add this mini kit to your running routine and watch it do its best to accelerate your mobility. You can also use speed guidance hurdles as part of weight training and other fitness programs.

Speed barriers such as loop-like structures, marked cones, or discs spaced along with the runner's stride. They are a series of small barriers arranged to encourage a certain jumping pattern.

How do speed hurdles work?

The most common goal of agility training is to increase speed. Using speed training hurdles or ladders strengthens leg muscles and footwork, resulting in increased speed. These training aids improve initial acceleration by separating each step to create the right rhythm. 

The goal is to generate more power from your body and reduce ground contact time. For this reason, athletes use it to improve technique and rhythm at maximum speed. The speed barrier will help you take off quickly, decelerate change directions, accelerate again while maintaining body control and minimizing loss of speed. 

So introduce them into your workout not only to strengthen your legs and build flexibility but also to improve focus and sharpen your brain. You can carry these hurdles anywhere using the convenient carry case.