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The word cashmere shawl comes from the Persian word shawl, which means various kinds of fine wool clothing. In Pakistan and Kashmir, the veil is worn on the shoulders, unlike in Persia. Cashmere shawls are also worn throughout Pakistan and are used as warm protective clothing. Cashmere scarves are very popular all over the world. In ancient times, kings and queens wore scarves as warm protective clothing. You can also buy cashmere shawl via

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During Mughal rule, Akbar Kashmir took over the northwestern borders and Punjab as a center for scarf making. She was very interested in this scarf and experimented with various ways to wear it over her shoulders. She also encouraged weavers to try new motifs, which helped create a successful scarf industry.

These shawls or coats are in various forms on the subcontinent which serve as protective clothing for the rich and poor as protection against the cold. The Cashmere Loom is actually a small orchestra and each scarf is a color combination art. The making of cashmere scarves dates back at least five hundred years. Its uniqueness lies in the combination of factors that make it impossible to duplicate it elsewhere.

The Kashmir Valley is part of the Azad Kashmir state of northern Pakistan. Ten years of political conflict have destroyed the beauty of Kashmir. The beauty of the mighty Himalayas and verdant valleys have attracted thousands of migrants from West and Central Asia over the centuries. 

The name Kashmir comes from Kashmir which is located in northern India. This work of art is made with three heads, the first is the designer who designs the beautiful scarf, the next is the copier that prepares the model for use in the workshop, and the last is the weaver. The color combination and design are important and each one is made in a different color combination.