Creative Ways To Throw A Safe, Socially-Distanced Wedding Ceremony In Newport

With regulations requiring couples to avoid face-to-face seating, use protective screens and face coverings, and limited access to non-essential social spaces, it can feel a bit overwhelming to throw an event that feels, well, normal and beautiful. The key is showing potential couples that it can be done. You can also get help from the wedding venue expert for finding wedding venues in Newport via


  • Make Masks Their Own Instead of buying the wedding party matching robes or socks, suggest having custom masks made to match. As for wedding guests, masks and personalized hand-sanitizer can actually double as wedding favors, especially with a personal touch like embroidery of the couples’ initials.
  • Outdoor, Open-Air Ceremony & Reception Spaces The name of the game is having enough room to disperse the crowd, so, as a venue, you can actually showcase your best spaces for that, plus the seating arrangements that naturally work in each space.
  • Create A Virtual Guestbook To limit the sharing of pens or photo-booth props, WedShoots is just one example of an app that allows couples to build a collective wedding album online, where guests submit photos and express their well-wishes in the comments. Eventually, couples can print out a photo guestbook for a physical keepsake.
  • Satellite Entertainment Stations to Steal the Show Satellite dance floors and bars provide more than one space for guests to bust a move or refresh their beverage. Sure, it’s a health and safety precaution, but also a great way to get guests to explore different entertainment experiences throughout the party.