Domestic Violence And Its Effects

Domestic violence as its name suggests is a war where spouses and intimate partners and family members are involved. Sometimes, it is called Domestic abuse.

What is domestic abuse?

Domestic violence between intimate partners and couples occurs when one partner seeks to dominate the other. Domestic violence is committed by and against both women and men. The perpetrator is able to use intimidation, fear, humiliation as well as physical injuries and can threaten to resort to physical violence. You can hire a local experienced attorney who will personally handle your case and take special care to guide you through the frequently changing Florida laws dealing with Criminal and Child Custody (Dependency) Cases.

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Different types of domestic violence:

  • Physical violence

  • Physical assault

  • Abuse of emotions

Physical Violence: A man who is violent might hit his wife with fists or kick her when she's fallen to the floor. If pregnant, he may hit her abdomen. Weapons can also be used for physical assaults – sometimes, she will be beaten with a stick or even shoot her the gun.

Affair with emotions: The abuser tells the victim that they are not worth it for them on their own. Making the victim feel like there is no exit from the relationship. Separation from family and friends is also a sign of emotional abuse.

The perpetrator makes fun of his partner when his financial status is excellent compared to the other is, and he becomes betrayed in the other case.

You can even search online for more information about domestic violence.