Enjoy The Beach Vibe At The Santa Monica Beach

Without a doubt, one of the best places to experience true California beach style is Santa Monica Beach, on the southern coast of California.

Many city visitors come here to enjoy the beach which stretches almost 6 km from the well-preserved beaches.

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In addition, this area has sunshine almost all year round, except for a few dozen days and a cool breeze that blows overseas, which adds to the sense of relaxation felt here. The area is also very clean and well maintained.

For all these reasons and many more, Santa Monica Beach is very popular not only among the locals, but also with city-goers who have set a goal of visiting the beach even for a while.

For anyone who comes to this place, there are various kinds of activities that can be followed, including fun water sports.

For the more active, there are options such as beach volleyball, cycling, fishing, surfing and swimming. There are a number of free beach volleyball courts, one of which can play or sit and watch while the other enjoys a good game.

Fishing is another activity that is very popular here and does not require a permit. Fishing rods and bait can be rented if you wish.

It is also considered a safe place to swim. If nothing attracts visitors, it's still possible to just sunbathe or read a book and watch the many things that happen on this beach, such as filming, which are quite common.