FDA Warns Consumers of Dangers Associated With Laser Resurfacing Treatments

Among the most recent and most well-known trends now sweeping the area of skincare are laser treatment skin remedies. These include expensive and protracted, often revealing, and embarrassing trips to some certified doctor, who utilizes a strong laser beam to vaporize the top layers of skin.

The remedies are well known since they burn the skin and induce new skin to form under, which causes the entire body to naturally produce more collagen. 

Nonetheless, in light of many recent reports compared to severe and sometimes life-threatening side effects to laser treatment skin remedies, has prompted the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to issue a warning advising users of the related risks involved with the process and the recovery procedure post-therapy.To learn more about FDA warning letters online visit https://wizmed.com/fda-warning-letters.

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Why is Laser Resurfacing reckless?

The FDA has recently issued a public health advisory warning advising consumers of the possibly life-threatening side effects connected to the use of many of the commonly prescribed topical anesthetics which are utilized to lessen recovery pain post-therapy. 

The unwanted effects, less severe and others life-threatening, include: irregular heart rhythm, seizures, coma, and stopped breathing after the use of lidocaine and tetracaine to decrease the pain following laser resurfacing wrinkle remedies. Sometimes, patients died after falling into a coma on account of their body absorbing a lot of those troublesome agents into the blood.

Alternative, Safe, and equally as Powerful Choices

For those that are trying to get safer and different, yet equally, effective alternatives, the best option for them is wrinkle creams that are available in the market which naturally increases the collagen levels in the skin. But, unlike laser therapy skin care treatments, the best wrinkle creams are marginally more expensive, less costly, and have anti known negative side effects.