Gamification In Education: Ways To Bring Games To Your Classroom

Gamification uses game design and mechanics in non-game settings to increase participation, engagement, and loyalty and encourage competition. These methods include leaderboards and points, as well as direct competitions and stickers and badges. They are used in many industries, including personal healthcare, retail, and education. Games in any form increase motivation and engagement. Education is the most important thing. 

How can we gamify education within our classroom?

This theory has been tested by educators and has shown positive results. We're only able to suggest a few ways that you can introduce your class to gamification in education. We want to encourage educators to discuss gamifying education and give examples of how they have used it to engage learners. However, there are so many websites such as that help in gamifying the apps for businesses or even education centers.

What is Gamification in Education?

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Gamification in grading:

The number of points students have earned at the end of a course determines their letter grades. The current college-age generation's extracurricular interests (games!) are a major reason for their letter grades. Utilizing experience points allows educators the ability to match levels with skills, and highlight the intrinsic value of education.

Award students with badges:

Students are awarded badges for each completed assignment. Academies give students points and badges for completing problem sets and watching instructional videos. This helps to encourage perseverance and track progress. Even colleges have implemented this type of gamification in their technology classes. 

Incorporate educational video games into your curriculum: 

Students can learn to overcome and persevere through games. Students feel empowered by games. They have the ability to make their own decisions and control them. The better the students do, the more agency they have. External motivators work by providing immediate feedback and small rewards.