Know All About Halotherapy And Its Benefits

Halotherapy, also known as salt therapy, is the process of breathing in the air using tiny salt particles in order to improve the quality of your breath. Halotherapy is a popular alternative treatment option for lung issues like asthma, bronchitis, and cough. Halotherapy is typically performed by using spa-like salt rooms. This treatment can aid in relaxation and could aid with skin issues and allergies.

You can also check out online the best dry salt therapy rooms in NC. Salt therapy is generally performed in salt rooms. They can be either passive or active.

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The active salt area – This room has the halogenerator machine that is where salts are added. The machine breaks down the salt into tiny pieces which circulate throughout the room.

Room for passive salt – This type of room is not equipped with an apparatus to break down salt. Instead this room has various types of salts including Himalayan salt. It appears like the inside of a cave for salt, but that is controlled in temperature and humidity.

The concentration of salt in salt rooms that are passive is less than that in the active rooms. The rooms are generally used for meditation and relaxation rather than halotherapy. Dry-salt therapy is also referred to as Halotherapy. It's done in salt rooms that are active with the aid of the Halogenerator. 

This permits the tiny dry salt particles to be released into the air, and then enter the lungs and onto your skin. Therapy with salt that's wet. It involves bathing in salty waters that contain minerals, gargling or drinking salty water or transferring salty water through the nasal passage.