Marvel Crisis Protocol Play Experiences In Game

When we first started work on the Marvel: Crisis protocol, we knew we wanted to make a game that went beyond just the core Standard Play Experience. 

With many terrifying stories and events within the Marvel Universe, it was part of our mission to ensure that players had many opportunities for fun and engaging gameplay based on the original foundations laid out in the Crisis Protocol core set. To get more information about marvel crisis protocol via

Marvel Crisis Protocol

Today, we are releasing two new Crisis Protocol game formats, Battle Realms and Collectors, each showing how players select their rosters and squads for Crisis Protocol games.

With the addition of these new options and a lot more exciting things along the way, we wanted to take a moment and see a lot of exciting choices players are making when we come together to play the Marvel Crisis protocol.

We hope that not only will we provide an exciting preview for all of us in store; This will help players to be able to anticipate an organized play event or game night by providing universal terminology for many ways to play.

Game modes are the new way to experience Marvel Crisis Protocol. The game mode modifies the base gameplay experience in various ways, ranging from changing the base of different players to changing the standard win conditions, introducing new character rules to a game mode or exclusively.