Matte Sealer For Stamped Concrete

Do you want to repair plain and dull concrete? Get creative with your flooring and separate yourself from your friends and install decorative concrete applications.

Decorative concrete construction companies specialize in a variety of uses / styles that enhance the appearance of concrete. You can also get the epoxy flooring & countertop service through various online source.

Decorative concrete is a process that includes a variety of uses to make cast concrete more attractive and lively.

Some of the types of decorative concrete include:

Perforated concrete – a process in which when the concrete is poured it stays in place until it is difficult enough to print the design and leave an impression on the concrete. Impressions can make surfaces look like slate, stone, wood, brick, cobblestone and more. Concrete can also be colored according to the owner's needs.

Acid staining concrete – If you have cement slabs that work and want to paint them, acid stain is a good choice. The stain will etch into the ground and react with the chalk in the concrete to stain nearly any color the owner wants. Turns concrete into marble shape. It is very attractive and can be covered with urethane, epoxy or acrylic.

Epoxy Coatings – Epoxy coatings are very popular in garages, utility rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and basements in residential projects. Epoxy floors can be painted in one or more colors. They are very strong, stain resistant and easy to clean. A very popular option these days is reflective amplifiers mixed with epoxy. Gives a three dimensional look to the floor and is very sturdy.