Model Imagery Solution for Fashion Retail

The current process for building product images involves complex photoshoots and a lot of resources. It can be extremely expensive, slow, and not sustainable in the long run. AI can eliminate the need for a lot of the components of traditional photoshoots, self-regulating on-model imagery can produce product photos at a fraction of the time and costs that regular processes require.

AI can eliminate many components of traditional shooting, product photos can be created in no time using automatic drawing on models and costs that require regular processes. Zmo is a product mapping solution. It automates the image creation of the model. Using AI, Zmo turns basic product photos into high-quality fashion images for merchants to use on their platform.

High-quality Images Without The Complicated Process

AI can enable automatic product images on models. That is, with input from product drawings and model drawings, AI creates on-model imagery showing the product on models in various poses. It removes the need for elaborate photoshoots involving multiple people.

Custom Image Options

Since AI-generated imagery does not require much time and resource restrictions like a model photoshoot, it is a lot more customizable. Retailers can choose from models of different types, ethnicities, and sizes, and in many different poses.

It gives retailers the flexibility of choosing models and building imagery that would best match their brand personality.