Natural Daylight: A Sustainable Energy Solution

Natural light in a room can transform a space both visually and also as a catalyst to sustainable design. 

When we speak of sustainability and its application on the construction of structures the discussion tends to be directed to the solar panel, electric vehicles,battery backups and various other exciting devices. 

These are all excellent methods to design modern, energy-efficient structures that will lower energy usage and be sustainable. However, thinking about the best way to bring iluminacion natural (in english, natural lightning) into the building is often left out and is an essential guiding factor for an environmentally sustainable building.

 Natural Daylight: A Sustainable Energy Solution

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It’s well-known that in the northern part of the hemisphere larger windows that have overhangs on the south, bigger windows on the north , and only a small opening to the west and east is the most effective method to alter lighting quality within buildings, which reduces heat loss in summer, and consequently decreasing energy use.

The buildings that have natural light positively impact the mood and health of the people who live there.

The principal goal of this is to let sunlight into every space of the house. It also resulted in a global plan which is  a more environmentally sustainable structure.