Need of Custom Driveshaft

There are many companies who offer custom shafts, in a variety of design types such as Heavy Duty and Stainless Steel, as well as Leveler Strength.

Two universal joints are included in articulated shafts. A simple type of drive shaft has a joint at each side. This configuration is basically a double extended joint that can be used to overcome distances or offsets between the driveshaft and the driven load. The custom driveshafts can also be used to bridge angular misalignment. You can also look for a custom driveshaft online by searching the query “custom driveshaft near me” on any search engine or you can visit

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Telescopic Drive Shafts

Telescopic middle elements can be added to drive shafts. This allows for faster and easier repositioning than with rigid two-joint shafts. They can be adjusted in length for axial misalignments.

Spring-Loaded and Quick-Change Shafts to Reduce Downtime

Spring-loaded drive shafts are composed of two single universal joints that connect with a spring-loaded intermediate shaft. This allows the shaft to be easily removed and replaced with no tools. Because the spring tension at the intermediate shafts keeps the universal joint secured at each end, it is not necessary to pin the outer yokes.

Fail-Safe Stop Solution

You can customize spring-loaded drive shafts to provide a fail-safe option. The driveshaft can be modified to fail and stop if the torque limit of the joint is exceeded.