Orthodontic Treatment For Kids In Hilo Hawaii

Most children go through at least one orthodontic treatment in their life. Some are thrilled about getting braces, while others are apprehensive about them. As parents, you go through a different set of worries related to the treatment.

Starting orthodontist treatment in Hilo Hawaii for your child can be the right decision. Parents usually find it difficult to ask the right age for treatment, the different treatment options on the market, and most importantly, the costs to be borne.

Why braces?

Children may need braces if their teeth are misaligned and the protrusion causes tooth decay or speech failure. Sometimes there is a size difference between the upper and lower jaws. This difference can lead to overbite (the upper jaw is larger than the lower jaw) or bite (the lower jaw is larger than the upper jaw).

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Determine the correct age for the brackets

Ideally, children should be taken to the dentist as soon as the permanent teeth come in. This happens around the age of seven. A pediatric dentist or pediatric dentist can be the first to know about your child's dental problems.

If a problem is found, the dentist will refer you to a dentist. The developmental level of the child is taken into account when making therapeutic decisions. Early intervention can greatly benefit your child's dental health in the long run.

Benefits of early orthodontic treatment

Prior orthodontic treatment can help eliminate bite problems and ensure long-term results. Orthodontists can also correct habits like pushing the tongue out, sucking with the thumb, etc. If your child has protruding teeth, early treatment will ensure that the teeth are not damaged. The need for surgical intervention can also be reduced.