Personalized Large Wall Clocks and Photo Clocks

Large wall calendar clocks and oversized clocks may be the unusual wall clocks you are looking for. A novelty item can also be something to consider for a gift, especially if it is one of the many personalized items now on sale.

A personalized clock can be a favorite character from a storybook and a child's name printed on one face as a children's wall clock for their bedroom, or even a personalized wall clock that has a photograph of a special moment or fun. You can get more information about custom wall clocks via

A photo wall clock doesn't have to be tacky like a printed mug or t-shirt. Many photo clocks use beautiful black and white family portraits, they incorporate them into crystal or crystal clocks that are elegant and stylish. Children's wall clocks can be made from photographs of the child or groups of friends from the child's school.

Also, photos of your favorite sports teams or heroes or team logos can be customized on sports watches. There are some sports watches already designed with most of the famous players and teams, but you could use the same idea and create a watch using the little league logo or a memorable photo from a game and add it to creating a custom watch for the boy. or as a gift for the coach or as a new watch for the school locker or as a gift for team members.