Proper Maintenance Requires The Right Forklift Parts

Although a forklift is a hardy and durable machine, forklift parts will need replacement at some time or other. One way to delay having to replace forklift parts, though, is through proper and regular maintenance.

Forklift maintenance must be done on a regular basis in a systematic way. First of all, check the engine by turning it on. Pay attention to the way it sounds and be conscious of any knocks or misses. Be aware of any squealing that might indicate loose or worn-out belts. 

Inspect the forklift tyres and see whether they are in good condition or need replacement.

Forklift Tyres

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Check for leaks or holes in the exhaust system. Then, drive the forklift forwards, backward, and in circles and try to notice if there are any slips.

A forklift has gauges and devices which warn you if parts of your truck are not functioning properly. Make sure that warning lights and the horn are working. Check the bulbs, cab lights, back-up lights, and outside lights. Go over the wiring, check for loose connections and see whether any of the wires are frayed.

After you’ve finished checking and testing your forklift, it’s time to carry out the repairs or replacements listed in your checklist. Always remember that whenever you have to replace any forklift parts make sure to choose the right ones if you want to keep your lift truck trouble-free.

So, it is very important to maintain your forklift on a daily basis, if you want it to run smoothly for a long time.