Qualifying Conditions For Home Health Coverage

Home health care services are a valuable medicare benefit that provides skilled nursing care, therapy, and other aid to people who are largely or entirely confined to their homes.

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To be eligible for Medicare home health benefits, you must meet all of these conditions: 

  • You are homebound. That means you are unable to leave home without considerable effort or without the aid of another person or a device such as a wheelchair or a walker.
  • You have been certified by a doctor, or by a medical professional who works directly with a doctor (such as a nurse practitioner), as being in need of intermittent occupational therapy, physical therapy, skilled nursing care, and/or speech-language therapy.
  • That certification arises from a documented, face-to-face encounter with the medical professional no more than 90 days before or 30 days after the start of home health care.
  • You are under a plan of care that a doctor established and reviews regularly. The plan should include what services you need and how often, who will provide them, what supplies are required and what results in the doctor expects.
  • Medicare has approved the home health agency caring for you.