Proven Facts On The Benefits Of Marijuana For Arthritis Patients

Some users of marijuana, whether for medicinal or recreational purposes, will tell you that "Mary J" is great for relaxing. In fact, you may be given a list of problems for which you can reduce or improve completely.

As an arthritis patient who is looking for alternatives to synthetic drugs, is unable to use traditional medicine or is physically unacceptable to traditional medicine, you may be sceptical. You can't believe it. Granted, you might think of cannabis users as a lack of intelligence just trying to make drug use acceptable. Doctors use medical marijuana for arthritis patients in a clinics in Palmdale.

Proven Cannabis Benefits for Arthritis Sufferers

Although legal, funding and other issues hinder the amount of research on the therapeutic aspects of cannabis in many countries, some surprising information is still available. The facts are clear so far:

– Marijuana has been shown to be anti-inflammatory

– The potential use of marijuana to treat inflammation and muscle spasms has been demonstrated in several diseases

– Marijuana has been used as a pain reliever for hundreds, if not thousands (some records come from AD).

– Studies show that apart from helping with inflammation, marijuana can actually reduce the growth of the disease itself

Dr A recognized and recognized authority on the therapeutic use of marijuana, stated, "Chronic inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and lumbosacral disease respond better to marijuana than other analgesics."