How To Choose Organic Beauty Products In Australia?

When we talk about organic farming or agriculture, we're talking about a way of producing and processing that guarantees both the quality and origin of a product. Organic goes hand in hand with sustainable development and helps create economic, social, and environmental added value.

This is a different way of production and consumption! By definition, organic products must not contain certain ingredients that are considered toxic, irritating, harmful to the environment, or allergenic.

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Producing organic products means taking an ethical approach – it's not just about logos! In the cosmetic industry, animal testing is prohibited by European law, but even before this law was introduced, organic brands were no longer ruthless. Absolution believed in it from day one.

Committed to organic principles, Absolution is a vision of beauty combined with gentleness for the skin and the planet. All organic skincare products are perfect examples of this.

Made with an average of 99% naturally derived ingredients and 52% organic ingredients, they truly exceed the high standards required by organic certifying bodies. They use the incredible power of medicinal plants, minerals, and vitamins to create innovative active ingredients that offer multiple benefits to your skin.