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Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones, are fascinating machines that have numerous varied applications across many industries, enabling us to do things we could never before. Their mobility enables them to do many difficult, dangerous tasks. 

Some of the applications of UAVs are: 

Videography and photography

Delivery services

Surveying and mapping



Search and rescue

Drone emergency services

Such diverse applications mean that professional drone pilots are always in demand. The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) of Australia officially certifies you to commercially operate drones heavier than two kilograms, making you a credible professional drone pilot to employers.

‘Drone training near me’ will bring up accredited institutions that offer these training courses. What can you learn from training courses?

1. The business of drones:

Understanding the current growth and future potential of drones in various sectors, the regulations of flying, the legal aspects of drone businesses, the opportunities in the market and use cases, finding and selling to customers, and the manufacturing aspects of drone technology can help pilots establish long term opportunities.

2. Mapping and surveying using drones

The application of drones in the inspections, mapping, and surveying of lands or properties has become essential to many industries like construction, mining, and agriculture. Learning to produce high-quality, accurate, cost-effective aerial documentation that serves to optimize projects can create many career opportunities.  

3. Aerial videography and photography

This course can teach you the cinematography of capturing with camera drones, intelligent use of flight modes, and camera functions to flourish as a professional drone photographer.

4. Drone piloting

Field flying sessions, flight simulators, and understanding drone technology are part of the training.

Search ‘drone training near me’ to earn your license from CASA!