Dye Sublimation Fabric Printing

There are three production processes for printing fabrics. Direct inkjet printing, screen printing, and dye sublimation. Any method will work, but facts like application, service life, interior or exterior doors, size, quantity, colors used, budget, etc. must determine which method is best for a particular project.

Sublimation t-shirt style is made from an inkjet printer. Silkscreen or lithographic printing should be considered when printing runs longer and can be more economical if the art is one, two, or three colors. 

If the graphic is a photograph, there will be halftone dots visible in the reproduction. This is usually not a good choice for beauty or fashion, but maybe acceptable for other industries or promotions.

Dye sublimation offers the best and most durable image reproduction. Another great benefit is the wide variety of fabrics available for printing. The print on the transparent fabric ensures a great look. The maximum width for ink printing is 10', and the length can be much larger. 

Quality can vary from supplier to supplier and technique and skills contribute significantly to quality. Suppliers really have the art and skill to make fine printed fabrics. For those unfamiliar, the dye sub prints onto the paper and then transfers the heat to the fabric.

The ink blends into the fabric instead of sitting on top of the fabric like an inkjet or shield. This makes the fabric feel softer. It also makes the fabric more durable because it can be washed and steamed. Some great uses can be custom pillows, sofas, curtains, tablecloths.

Custom T-Shirts Are So Easy to Create

The title above seems too good to be true. You can now personalize your own shirt from the comfort of your home. For example, if you visit the site, you will be surprised to see hundreds of designs and templates that you can try on your T-shirts.

You can also make your own design from the start. There are separate user-friendly tools that you can use are called designers that contain all features to make your own special clothes. There are many templates for you to choose from. You can play with this template, text, and color until you find a perfect combination. You can opt dye sublimation technique to create your t-shirt.

Or what about designing special t-shirts for your sports team or organization that you lead? You simply design your own shirt with a logo thrown inside and then you can place online mass order.

Personalized tees are very good for sports unions too. In this way, you can identify not only players from your team but players from other teams too. You can experiment with your team's new logo and color combinations too until you find perfect results.

Another area where personalized t-shirts can work is a church group. Church groups once again are a great way to meet each other and then go to pray.

The best part of a customized t-shirt site is you can play with the existing design or you can start from the beginning. User-friendly tools will help you design a T-shirt in minutes. Personalized dresses also function properly for school groups and charity events.

There are so many other occasions where special t-shirts are a good idea. These t-shirts can also be used as advertisements, recognition, awards, and identification.