What’s a Hard Money Loan?

There are many loans available to real estate investors. Investors often turn to the Hard Money loan. Investors use these loans to buy and fix investment properties.

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What Is a Hard Money Lender? It's Not as Scary as You Think

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Here are some details on Hard Money Loans:

1. Scope of Work – Lenders will ask that investors provide a worksheet detailing their scope of work for these types of loans. The sheet should include all the repairs you plan to make. This guide will be used by the Hard Money lender to pay for the project.

2. Requirements – Hard Money lenders require 20% down investment from all investors for all projects. Lenders will also require a reserve fund of money in a banking institution. When approving a loan, lenders will also take into account the investor's monthly income.

3. Do not underestimate the cost of repairs- Investment property repairs should only be considered an estimate. Rehabbing a property can be fraught with unexpected events. Do not underestimate the amount of work required to safeguard you against any additional costs.

4. Draw- After your contractor has completed some of the work, you will contact your Hard Money lender to inform them that you are available for inspection. The lender will send an inspector to verify that the work conforms with code guidelines.

5. Refinance – This is the most important part of rehabbing property with Hard Money lenders. High-interest Hard Money loans are short-term loans with high-interest rates. Although this may seem high-interest, these lenders understand how crucial it is to get their money back.