How To Use Dermaroller To Regrow Hair

The derma roller is a tiny device with hundreds of tiny microneedles designed to increase controlled tissue damage by creating micro-channels in the skin.

Another benefit of skin rolling is that it stimulates stem cell activity in the area where the hair is raised. Derma-roller anti-hair loss therapy is used to induce collagen formation, neovascularization, and growth factor production in the treated area.

derma roller hair

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Microneedling is a technique that promotes controlled tissue damage through the formation of micro-channels. Scientific evidence shows that microchannels created with a skin roller increase the absorption of topical hair loss products such as Minoxidil (Rogaine), topical finasteride, and others.

Microneedling with a 1.5 mm derma roller can increase the hair count in the treated area without the need to add topical products.

 How many hairs can you regrow?

This depends on two factors.

How much hair was lost? If you already have a clean bald area on your scalp (or an area 2mm long), the Derma Roller will not help you restore new hair in that area. The Derma Roller only works in areas with extreme hair, including tail hairs, which have recently begun miniaturizing.

How well do you respond to traditional treatments like Minoxidil 5%? Since Dermaroller can act as a transcutaneous penetration enhancer, it is of great benefit to all patients who react positively to Minoxidil. The Minoxidil + Derma roller combination can restore more hair than using the Minoxidil or Derma roller alone.