All about Silicon Foam Tapes

Silicone foams with open cells are used extensively for light water sealing, cushioning, and dust sealing. For outdoor gaskets and wash-down gaskets as well as resilient cushioning pads, closed-cell silicone foam materials can be used.

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Silicone Foam Tape - ARCO Silicone - Custom Silicone Extrusion

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The majority of silicone sponges that are commercially available are made from gum-based, polydimethylsiloxane. When a silicone elastomer has been heated cured, it expands. This creates the closed-cell sponge structure.

This tape has been designed to be versatile and easy to use in situations that require long-term performance. It has a long service life, great conformability, and is flexible. It has a low compression set, high adhesion to many substrates.

Silicone Foam is made from liquid silicone rubber that has been platinum-cured. It is highly resistant to ultraviolet light, ozone, and extreme temperatures. Silicone Foam is flexible and resilient in almost any environment. This self-adhering adhesive tape can be used for cushioning, vibration dampening, thermal insulation, gaskets, and cushioning. Use this seal to keep dirt and moisture out of delicate electronics and other items that could be damaged by the elements.

Performance Features:

  • -100@F to +500@F
  • 12-month shelf life (when stored at room temperatures)


  • Seal and Protect Electronics
  • Provide Cushion Against Vibration
  • Refrain from the penetration of wind-driven rain
  • Thermal insulation


  • Automobile Manufacturers
  • Marine Manufacturers
  • Home Builders
  • Manufacturers of Windows