The Great Banquet Starts With the Great Facilities

True to the old adage, "It's always best to start over," you'll find that the best place to start planning your banquet is with good facilities. You'll soon become obsessed with meal planning, décor, entertainment, and a dozen other details that will bring your event to life. 

However, if the banquet hall doesn't meet your wants and your group's needs, your vision of the perfect banquet may be thwarted, even if all is well. Finding the right banquet place in Spokane is undoubtedly the most important and can be the most difficult decision you will make in your planning. 

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This is especially the case if your guest list is constantly changing or the event is public. Once you've booked the facility, the next challenge is the layout. 

Most banquets have speakers or some type of entertainment (or both) so there is a lot to consider to accommodate this particular need. You may need a stage, microphone, or public address system, and the table should be set so that most guests can see the stage easily. For dynamic entertainment performances such as jugglers or dancers, you may want to reserve a spot on the floor so that special talents can be demonstrated.

When deciding on a banquet hall, you need to make a shortlist of the facilities available in the area. Also, list any specific questions and requirements for you to review during your tour of each facility. 

This list will help you with the pros and cons of each facility and give you a starting point for negotiating the lease. Make sure the kitchen facilities are large enough and have adequate facilities for the waiters, the expected audience size, and the amount and type of food you prepare.