Tips For Getting the Perfect Suntan

It is understood by women universally that a suntan can camouflage a multitude of sins. As a result it is very tempting to dive straight out into the sun the minute you arrive at your destination, especially for those flying out to such holiday hot-spots as Cyprus or Spain.

But unless you want to risk the possibility of getting cancer, ending up with skin like a piece of rawhide or spending the first few days of your holiday applying after-sun lotion every 20 minutes, it is advisable to follow a few rules. Not only will it help you get that perfect sun-kissed look with a tan that will last beyond the end of your trip, but it will prevent you from suffering unnecessarily.

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Being prepared does not mean grilling yourself under a sunbed for days on end before Departure Day. Just as the sun can have negative effects, sunbeds condense all that is detrimental about sunbathing into one little man-made pod. They give out the same harmful UV rays which damage the skin and it is estimated that every year 100 deaths from melanoma are caused as a direct result 

The desire to have some colour before twanging on a bikini is understandable though which is why fake tan products are a godsend. They are not going to prematurely age your skin or make you ill and can be matched to suit your tone