Tips For Keeping Your Forklift Good As New

If you want your forklift to last, you need to maintain it well. No matter how durable a forklift seems, it’s only as good as its caretakers.  And with the right forklift maintenance know-how, you can keep an old forklift running like new for many years.

Here’s what you should know about forklift maintenance and equipment repair : 

Keep the Tires Healthy

We often forget about the tyres during maintenance. However, properly inflated tires make a forklift safer, help it last longer, and save on gas. If the tyres aren’t inflated enough, the forklift might lose traction. But an overinflated tire can easily blow out. Check the tires as part of your weekly forklift maintenance plan. For more information about forklift tyres, Visit

Don’t Forget the Battery

Maintaining the battery is an aspect of forklift maintenance that’s easy to overlook. However, a well-maintained battery will keep the whole machine running longer.

A schedule for charging the battery will keep the battery working like new. In general, it’s best to charge it every eight hours, or anytime it’s less than a third of the way charged.

Cleanliness is Part of Maintenance

A clean forklift is a well-maintained forklift. While there’s more to maintenance than keeping the machine clean. 

A dirty forklift may get a buildup of flammable materials, blocking important vents and otherwise rendering it unsafe. Make sure to wipe down the forklift weekly, clean the radiator, and change filters as needed. These steps will also help your machine last longer.

The sooner you get started on a forklift maintenance plan, the sooner you can start saving money on repairs and replacements.