Top Authoring Tools For ELearning Content Development

eLearning is a methodology for learning that teaches learners in a realistic setting in order to grasp the subject matter quickly and retain the information for a longer time as compared to more traditional ways of studying.

Brisbanes best eLearning and instructional design company offers several tools that are today being put to use in the eLearning industry. In fact, with passing time, there is lots more innovation happening with the instructional designing tools. 

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The top tools used for eLearning Content development are the following:

1. Adobe Captivate

2. Articulate Presenter

3. Adobe Connect

Besides these tools, some others used for eLearning Content development include:

1. Easygenerator: The tool enables instructional designers as well subject matters to take courses that are more engaging and have a higher impact on a learner. Some of the eminent features of 'Easygenerator' are that they are cost-friendly, user-friendly, and future-proof.

2. Smart Builder: This tool is specially designed to create Flash courses. The result of the tool is rich content. Besides, it also has an easy user interface.

3. The Multimedia Learning Object Authoring Tool: The tool has the quality using which content developers can integrate video, audio, texts, and images in a single course thereby creating a compact course.

There are several tools today, which are used for eLearning Content development. But in most cases, it is seen that one tool is used as the mainstay and two or three others are used to empower that one main tool. The options are indeed many, but an instructional designer should make the right choice of tool.