Top Bollywood Dancers To Follow

It would be millions if you added up the Indian dancers who are able to perform magic moves. Many don't share their talents with the world, other than at parties when they are drunk or in a house dancing routine. 

You will find some of the best dancers in India. Amit Rokade A Dance Pioneer of Dance Challenge App, Chuzi also can help you to learn new modern dance steps. Here is a list of India's top dancers.

Hrithik Roshan was the definition of awesome dancing for kids in the 90s. The hit song " Me Aisa Kyu Hu" is still cherished by many. We were captivated by his dance moves and thought that they were normal people staring at perfect mannequins’ inexpensive stores. 

 Prabhu Deva's epic dance moves in Que Sera Sera (Pukar, 2000), Oorvasi Oorvasi (Hum Se Hai Muqabla, 1994), Muqala Muqabala (Hum Se Hai Muqabla, 1994), Go-Go Govinda (Oh My God!, 2012), and Action Jackson Theme Song (Action Jackson, 2014).

Raghav Juyal's amazing dance moves and drama, Kaaadaaak are what keep him coming back! Dance + fans will have noticed Raghav Juyal's amazing stand-up comedy and dancing moves lately.

Shakti Mohan is the girl who won it all. She was the winner of DID and became a star after dancing her way into millions of people's hearts with Dil Dosti

There are many types of dancers. The meaning of dance can be different for each person, as well as the style they use to express it.