Uncontested Divorce in Ontario: Do You Know How It Works?

Uncontested divorce refers to a divorce where both the spouses and the judge can agree on the terms. An uncontested divorce is one in which both the parties and the court do not have to agree on the terms. A lawyer represents one party and prepares the divorce papers. The lawyer will usually meet with the other party and initiate the divorce proceedings. Both parties will negotiate terms until they are both satisfied. An uncontested divorce has its advantages and disadvantages both.

Uncontested divorce procedures is much cheaper than going to court. The cost of a divorce proceeding is much lower if you can negotiate the terms before calling a lawyer. This saves everyone time. Saving money is an important benefit when you are going through a divorce. This money can be used to make necessary changes or for daily living expenses.

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Uncontested divorces can help to maintain civility among the parties. It is best to preserve mutual respect between the divorcing parties, particularly if they have children. An uncontested divorce is more private than court proceedings. Although the divorce proceedings will be public, the details of the negotiations and actions are private. 

Uncontested divorces will not work if both parties are unable to tolerate one another and can't agree on the terms of the divorce. An uncontested divorce will not work if the parties cannot have civil discussions and reach an agreement. Sometimes this hostility will diminish over time, and uncontested divorce may become an option.