What Are The Benefits To My Child Of No Longer Thumb Sucking?

This article is about the benefits of stopping the thumb-sucking habit. Every parent wants to know the benefits of breaking the habit of finger sucking. If your kid still has a thumb sucking habit and thinking how to stop thumb sucking? you can browse the internet.

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Better Hygiene 

The average person has over 3,000 bacteria on their hands and kids are notoriously germy. It’s one of the reasons colds and flu spread so fast in schools. Kids touch everything (including things that have been coughed or sneezed on) and then put those hands in their mouths. Thumb sucking means that your kid has extra exposure to these germs.

Better Teeth 

After their weight, teeth are Americans’ second-biggest insecurity. Over four million people need braces or other cosmetic dental work done and thumbsucking can cause overbites or underbites, especially if it’s really ferocious thumb sucking. Over three-quarters of kids who have an overbite or underbite have been helped by someone intervening early, so breaking them of this habit is immensely beneficial.

Reduce the Likelihood of Speech Impairments 

If you learn to talk around a thumb in your mouth, it’s likely that you’ll have some kind of speech impairment. And indeed, sucking your thumb has been shown to cause speech impairments, in many cases. Around 5% of kids have a speech disorder by first grade and in some cases, just stopping the thumb sucking can go a long way towards clearing it up.