Why Baiting is Essential Before Demolition Work?

 Newcastle, NSW demolition

A vacant building is likely to house lots of pests. And demolishing can invite rats, mice, and several other creatures too. That’s why baiting is recommended before you get started with the demolition work. Here are other reasons to get baiting before demolition.

Legal Needs

Among other things, most councils will need baiting evidence before they approve your request for demolition. Generally, it is for 7 days, but it is essential to check your local needs as they may change according to your area.

Prevent your Neighbours

If pests and rodents are not eradicated from your building before, demolition will get them running around. The furry animals will look for a warm, quiet, and safe place to live. It will not be good for your neighbours as those tiny unwanted guests can relocate to their property. Mice and rats can damage insulation and wiring, steal food, chew through furniture, and are risky for health. Family pets like birds will be tasty food for rats and it is common for them to eat something big. It will not only affect your neighbours, but rats can scatter bushland which causes remarkable damage to the native species. Thus, you should warn your neighbours before starting baiting so they can protect their dogs and cats from eating poisoned rodents.

Having rodents in the building can be a security risk for workers and visitors as well. They will also chew things that they should not. Thinking of your belongings as food, they will stain them causing health risks. And mice traps will not be sufficient for all rodents and pests.

Thus, you should take this into account as your legal and social responsibility before demolition in Newcastle, NSW.