Why More People Are Opting For Concierge Medical Care?

When we hear the words "concierge medicine," we often think of medical care that is for CEOS, celebrities, and the top 1% of income earners. This is a misconception.

Concierge medicine is becoming more mainstream for busy individuals who need more than what the average insurance-driven medical model has to offer. It's for those who insist on a higher level of service, don't have time for limited appointment times, and who want to put their health first. 

Many concierge doctors have left the traditional model of medicine because of a lack of professional satisfaction. The goal of the concierge physician is to develop a relationship with the patient so that they can offer a level of service that is missing in the traditional model. These physicians are often focused on solving the patient’s problem by determining the root cause. At its core, the concierge model is designed to help people live longer and healthier lives.

Concierge medicine focuses on preventative care while also addressing episodic care and disease management. Being proactive can potentially save the patient future health care costs.

The concierge model may differ from practice to practice, but they are mostly based on cash payment and they don’t involve insurance companies in their process. Some practices include a physical exam, office visits, lab work, imaging, and more, while others may only include access to the doctor.