All About Custom Liposomal Supplement Manufacturing

Nutraceutical supplements come in many different sizes and shapes. Liposomal supplements are a newer type of supplement, which is making its presence felt in the industry. Nowadays, there are many professional liposomal manufacturers that are providing the best quality products for you.

What are Liposomal Supplements?

The birth of liposomal products was possible thanks to constant technological and health industry advancements. These liposomal supplements are very different from other types of supplements. They are unique because they store the active ingredients in small, fat-like particles called phospholipids.

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There are many reasons to make this type of supplement. These reasons could include:

  • The body's weakest points can be targeted

  • Protection of active ingredients

  • Avoid using fillers, gelatin, and binders.

Process of manufacturing liposomal tissue

This highly developed form of supplement requires a specific manufacturing process. It takes a lot of time to make liposomal supplements. These cells are created and then stabilized.

These are the steps needed to create these supplements:

  • Liposomal creation

  • Purification of the liposomal solution

  • Liposomal stabilization

  • API loading

  • Final product stabilization

Creating Liposomes

It is the most crucial part of any supplement. However, it is difficult to create liposomes. These liposomes can only be created by a physical interaction that is very intense. To form a particle, the raw lipids must first be disintegrated in ethanol. Depending on the size of the liposome particles, the pressure required will vary. You can also browse for more information about liposomal manufacturers.