All You Need To Know About A Tripod

Tripod is one of the things that will never leave the Arsenal photographer. But not everyone has the right knowledge when buying a tripod. There are several factors that need to be considered extraordinary for some people.

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What is a tripod?

Tripod is one of the first pieces of equipment purchased by photographers after their camera and it is for valid reasons. Having someone has many advantages, but has some habits.

For those who are not used to it, a tripod is a three-legged holder that supports cameras and other equipment. There are various types of tripods, but each model has the same goal – to keep the camera stable when shooting.

The tripod consists of four parts:

A feet-foot tripod is the backbone system. The most commonly used material for legs is aluminum, basal, steel, and carbon fiber. The legs are also interesting and widespread to adjust the tripod height depending on the environment.

Head – this is a part that holds a camera or other equipment in its place. There are several types of heads. But for photographers, ball heads and pan-tilt heads are widely used. Meanwhile, videographers prefer fluid-head for finer tracking.

The middle column – this section extends a higher tripod. It's important for photographers who like to take high-angle shots. There is a middle column that can be reversed for low corner photos too.

Without stable legs, the tripod will falter and fall. Excellent tripod has grippy legs by default. Some tripods have removable legs that bury on the ground to prevent unwanted movements.