Cool Room Accessories For Girls

For girls, there are several cool room accessories to add to their rooms. If you want to make their rooms stand out, you can choose from flamingo mugs to add color to her desk. You can also choose a space shuttle lamp to give her a cool room accessory. For girls who are fond of spaceships, a space shuttle lamp will make an excellent gift. This item is the ultimate in cool room accessories for girls.


If your daughter loves to draw and play with her dolls, you can incorporate lights into her room as one of her room accessories. Old lamps can be used as accent lighting by adding a fresh shade and new paint. She can also accessorize with licensed character lamps. String lights can add the finishing touch to her princess-like fairytale bedroom. Use silk flowers as a backdrop to create an air of royalty. You can even use different colors and designs of string lights for a variety of themes.


If you want to give your daughter a gift that she will love, then mirrors for girls are a great choice. A full-length standing mirror is a great choice because it is larger than most wall mirrors and allows your daughter to see her entire silhouette. This mirror is made from hand-carved and painted wood, with a wooden frame that features unique carved details. Its dimensions are 20" x 15" x 47" and it is an excellent choice for a young girl.

Layered textiles

By using layered textiles as room accessories for girls, you can inject a playful sense into a girl's bedroom. A leaf-patterned throw or wallpaper can be a fun juxtaposition to a floral wallpaper. Using color in such a way can tie the disparate elements together while keeping them simple and beautiful. Here are some ways to use layered textiles as room accessories for girls:

Pegboard pin-up station

The pegboard pin-up station is a fun room accessory that doubles as desk organization and a charming feature wall. You can hang colorful clipboards to serve as impromptu frames and store favorite magazines and books in the storage basket. You can also paint the walls of your room with permanent chalk paint and add photos with double-sided tape. Your little girl will love it!

Canopy bed

A canopy bed is an elegant and beautiful addition to your child's room. With its mystical quality, it adds a sense of wonder to any little girl's bedroom. Whether your child's bedroom has low ceilings or high ones, a canopy bed can make the room feel cozy and mystical. Read on to discover the benefits of this timeless design. Here are some ways to incorporate it into your little girl's room.

Art gallery-style picture wall

For a more mature look, try an art gallery-style picture wall for a girl's room. The gallery wall is a great way to add personality to a room, and it also brings attention to the furniture. If the room is otherwise empty, try a gallery wall to fill the space. Make sure that the art pieces line up with the furniture to create a cohesive look. Here are some simple tips to help you get started:


Storage for girls' room accessories can be as simple as clear containers mounted on a closet wall. Desks are also excellent pieces of storage furniture. You can also spray paint the lids of plastic candy jars to make them double as storage space. These ideas will give your daughter her very own personalized storage space! Here are a few more tips to help you organize your girls' room accessories. The next time you're decorating a girls' room, consider the space you have available and the types of things she needs.