Everything You Need To Know About Aircraft Paint Removers

Is there a perfect product to remove aircraft paint? There are many options depending on what job you need, how many coats it has, and how eco-friendly they are.

How about the surface? What about the surface? Aluminum or wood? No matter how many coats you have applied, it doesn't matter how many. 5 coats? Good luck! You can't remove 5 coats with any of these machines, methods or materials.

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Prototype robots autonomously strip paint from aircraft using lasers

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1 Coat

Bullseye Paint and Finish Remover are soy-based, environmentally friendly and work well with thin coats. It is not worth the price. This is an aircraft and we want it to be perfect.

2 Coats

CitrusStrip is eco-friendly and can melt up to two coats. It must cool down for at least 20 hours before you can begin chipping away. If there are multiple layers, you will need to use more industrial strength.

3 Coats

Jasco Semi-Paste Multisurface Paint Remover, and Jasco Premium Paint & Varnish stripper are excellent for planes that have had 2 to 3 coats. It's inexpensive and available at most hardware stores and online shops like Lowes and Home Depot.

4-5 coats

Klean-Strip Aircraft Paint Stripper is the best. It removes all paint from aluminum planes without damaging them. This is the product you need. It's easy to use, you can apply it with a brush, and it removes layers quickly.