How to Make a Long Game Last Longer

One of the criticisms aimed at a number of computer games and video games today is that the overall length of the game seems to have been increased, without necessarily including any more game content itself. 

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Computer games used to be fairly short affairs, with no more than a few hours needing to be spent before completing the game entirely. 

Today, however, many computers or video games seem almost to have no end at all and can take many hundreds, or even thousands of hours to play.

There are a few features that have been introduced 

These games become so intense and last so long – some of which are positive and encouraged, but there are some which are being criticized increasingly.

The first method which seems to be used a great deal is to introduce extensions. This means that players can buy the original game, and play it through, but later on the publisher will produce an extension to the game, which can be bought separately. 

The advantage for players is that they can explore new challenges and opportunities that feel new and fresh, within a game context that is both familiar and one in which they feel strong and competent.

But many players are starting to find that more of their time is spent reaching the game quests than carrying them out!

Many argue that this is a deliberate ploy so that game companies can advertise 'hundreds of hours of gameplay'.