How To Preserve Wedding Flowers?

It's easy to keep cut flowers fresh and capture their natural, vibrant colors with very little time, effort, or materials. To learn more about how to store wedding flowers, read on for simple tricks and tactics.

The first thing you need to do is make a curing powder. It consists of four parts borax to one part silica gel. While these ingredients may sound foreign to most of you, your local craft store or florist will provide you with some helpful flower preservation tips. You can also get more information about flower preservation via

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The best time to preserve flowers is immediately after they are picked. Pour in just enough powder to cover the bottom of the airtight Tupperware container. Place the flowers face down on top of the powder. Pour in more powder until the flowers are covered.

Repeat this process until the container is full. Press the lid tightly, making sure to let out as much air as possible. If necessary, apply a small amount of tape around the edges of the container to prevent air from entering.

Place your container in a dry place for at least 4 weeks without opening it. After four weeks, very carefully remove the flowers from the container one by one and blow any remaining dust off the petals.

Preserving flowers means preserving memories. Nothing evokes memories of a wedding or special days like flowers and the preservation of their delicate petals.