Raleigh Movers: Handing Over a Commercial Move

Movers can handle everything from computers and desks to equipment. Movers are responsible for heavy lifting. It is possible to make the move easy by preparing the office and staff. Anxiety and additional expenses could be caused by not being prepared. Prepare clear questions and keep in mind that professionals should handle the most important parts of the move.

Make sure you are prepared

If movers walk into an office with papers everywhere and desks filled with pens and pencils, the packing will take forever. Ask everyone to prepare their workspace a week in advance of the professionals arriving. Employees should transport personal items. Frames, paperweights, and awards with sentimental value should be transported by the employees.

Once you have moved your personal possessions, it's time to call in professionals. You can contact your Raleigh commercial movers through crabtreefamilymoving.com/commercial-movers-raleigh-nc.  Movers will arrive at the office with the intent of moving furniture. Employees should prepare files and paperwork in advance. You can add these boxes quickly to your truck without worrying about losing anything.

Ask for clarification

Do the movers set up the furniture at the new place? To help people understand where they are, create a picture or description. It is important to be clear about the directions. It is easier to move all your items into the new offices once and then immediately put them in their new location.

Write down any special instructions that you have. You can either attach a note to the item or make a list so that the movers will know what you have. You can ask someone in the office to read the directions if you're not sure if they are clear. If you have any questions, they will let you know.

Micromanage is not a good idea

The temptation to micromanage will be there. You manage all day long at work and now new people are in the office. As they pack and move the furniture to the truck, try to stay out of the way. Consider working on something completely different to keep you from being in the middle of everything. If something us unclear a supervisor will track you down.

This is the reason professionals were hired to handle the task. Their experience with commercial moves comes in handy. They've loaded the truck plenty of times before and they know just how to make everything fit. Get out of the way and let them do their job.