Sickness Absence Management – Getting Your Employees Back To Work

Sickness freedom is a problem that affects all companies, regardless of industry, and many employees are forced to be absent for long periods of time due to serious injury or illness, or often for short periods of time due to recurring problems. The average number of sick days for a worker in the UK was 6.6 days and it is estimated that sick leave costs the UK economy around £17 billion annually due to lost productivity. By using attendance management, companies can reduce employee absenteeism, which in turn can help reduce productivity losses.

The vacation control application is designed to work with you and provide independent occupational health and safety assessments and opinions specifically to enable you to manage disease and health issues in the workplace.

Staff Absence Management

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Its goal is to help you reduce employee absenteeism, reduce recovery time and improve health and well-being in the workplace. This is achieved through structured evaluation and reporting that gives you all the information you need.

Most healthcare providers use a triage approach to case management that starts with developing a thorough understanding of the key facts about the case. Each case begins with a triage assessment, where the case manager talks to the recommended manager and checks which pathway of assessment is best. This way you can see what actions the company has taken so far (avoiding duplication of work to reduce costs) and focus on solving the main problem in that case.

There are three standard assessment routes used for the majority of cases:

  • Telephone Assessment
  • Personal Doctoral Assessments