Unblocking Outside Drainage Before It Gets Worse

If the water is not draining quickly from the sink or toilet bowl, it is a sign of a blocked drain. It is important to unblock a drain as soon as possible. It will only get worse if you don't act quickly.

Locate the closest drain to the area to unblock outermost drain blockage. The manhole cover can be opened to determine the type of blockage. The source of blockage is usually found in the pipes that lead to your home. The obstruction will likely be further down the drainage system if the manhole is clogged. If the blockage is believed to be inside your property's borders, you need to get to work.

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Drain rods are a great tool to help you do this. These flexible rods can be welded together to provide the necessary length to clear the obstruction. These rods can be purchased at a reasonable price as they will save you the cost of hiring a professional drain service. You can also hire rods when you need them.

You should carefully feed the drain rods until the blockage is gone. You should not turn the drain rods clockwise as this could cause them to come apart. This will only make the problem worse as you will have to deal with stuck drain rods.

It is possible to force an obstruction through the system by using a constant pushing and pulling motion on your rods. After clearing the blockage, pull out the drain rods and run some water through them to flush any remaining gunk.