Let Your Plants Thrive this Spring 4 Tips to Follow

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The spring season brings happy moments and a pleasant climate with itself. While most people choose this period to overhaul their gardens, you can work with your indoor plants. That’s because they need extra care and attention during this season to grow greener with time. Here’re some tips that can help you make your plants feel better.

  • Repot the Plants: The potting soil keeps on losing its nutrients as the plants grow. By the spring season, your plants may have used all the nutrition from the soil. So, replacing the soil (repotting) with a new, nutrition-rich one will give them fresh food to grow. Plus, it won’t feel challenging to repot during this pleasant climate.
  • Fertilize: Plants are known to go in hibernation mode during the winters. Now that they have awakened, it’s time to feed the hungry babies. Put in some slow-release fertilizer to help the green buddies eat and nourish. You can mix the fertilizer with the potting mix when replacing the oil with a nutrition-rich one.
  • Foliage Care: As you care for your limbs, plant foliage needs care too. Take a damp cloth and clean the leaves. In return, they will clean the air inside the room for you. Apart from the basic cleaning, you should also look for disease and pest control measures for the plant. Bugs like whitefly will attack the foliage directly. So, keeping an eye on this part will help you ensure a happy and growing environment for the indoor plants.

There’s a lot more you can do every spring season to make your plants grow better. Look for office plant hire Melbourne services for tips and suggestions or you can hire them for the best results.