The Different Types of Skincare

They can provide a more even coverage when applied to dry areas of the face and provide extra moisture for those areas that have less moisture. There are several emollients used in combination with other skincare products and in the ingredients for some skin care products.

They include glycerin, dimethicone, urea, and lanolin. Moisturizing Skincare ProductsMoisturizing skincare products provide moisture to your skin without causing additional irritation. Moisturizers are typically used by those individuals who have sensitive skin or a dry complexion.

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There are various types of moisturizers including silicone-based ones like dimethicone, and others that contain hyaluronic acid. These ingredients can help reduce puffiness under the eyes by providing lasting hydration.

Emollient/Antioxidant and Emollient/Antioxidant/Antimicrobial Skincare ProductsThese types of skinc are products can offer extra antioxidants to your skin. Antioxidants help fight against free radicals, which are harmful substances that can cause damage to your skin. Emollients contain ingredients such as ceramides, cholesterol, and vitamin E. These ingredients work by softening the layers of the skin and reducing dullness.

Emollient/Antioxidant/Antimicrobial skincare products provide protection from the aging process in addition to providing care for your skin. Moisturizing Skincare ProductsMoisturizers usually include sweet-smelling or lightly fragranced fragrance oil for scenting purposes.